Submit ALL Inherited Disease test results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA

For those who have tested their BSS registered dogs for the inherited disease checklist, you must send the results to OFA in order for OFA to record them. OFA will then send (either email or US mail hard copy) you a certificate(s) and you will then US mail a copy or email a copy ( of the OFA certificate(s) to the BSF for reimbursement. We cannot accept your lab results for DNA tests for reimbursement.  ALL BSF reimbursements are with OFA certification only as the office cannot manually enter any health data into the Registry health database.  Reimbursement checks are paid quarterly after the OFA sends the BSS office the quarterly health data files for the Boykin Spaniel breed.

BSS members and dog owners are reminded that the test results must be submitted to the OFA to be eligible for reimbursement.  Upon confirmation from OFA of completion of all required tests (hip, patellar,
CEA, DM, EIC, eyes, and cardiac), the Foundation will reimburse according to
the following schedule for one BSS registered dog per current BSS registered
member per year. Members may not receive reimbursement more than once per
calendar year, regardless of the year in which the tests were conducted.  Checks are cut in February, May, August, and November in coordination with OFA's health data import file. 

A ONE-TIME reimbursement for each test per dog:

$75 for OFA Hip Evaluation:

$25 for OFA DM DNA Test:

$25 for OFA Patellar Luxation:

$25 for OFA CEA DNA Test: 

$25 for OFA EIC DNA

**New to the reimbursement program: Eye and Heart reimbursements are only offered to exams completed after           September 17, 2021

*  $50 for OFA Eye certification

*  $25 for OFA heart certification

* Eyeand heart reimbursements are only offered for exams completed after 9/17/21 and are limited to one-time only reimbursement, per BSS registered dog, to a current BSS member, per calendar year tested.